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The Neuroscience Center is committed to providing modern and comprehensive mental health care to suit your specific needs. We are a center for complex Neuropsychiatric cases coming from local, national and international referral sources. 

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The Neuroscience Center Is now accepting Insurance For Ketamine Treatments

We are so happy to be able to start accepting insurance for state of the art ketamine therapies treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. This is a new development in the industry that will allow thousands of people who have, in the past, been unable to afford ketamine for depression to experience this ground breaking treatment.

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We Offer Telemedicine

Telemedicine is an effective tool to connect patients with physicians without coming into the clinic. Thanks to this great technology, we’re able serve patients across the globe.

A Leading Provider of Ketamine Therapy

The Neuroscience Center (TNC) staff began serving the general psychiatric needs of patients over 40 years ago. While many of our patients experienced significant recovery through traditional medication and therapy, a subset of people continued to struggle with treatment Resistant Illnesses, particularly depression and chronic pain syndromes.

Learn More About Ketamine and Other Alternative Treatments

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Anxiety and Depression During COVID-19

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Telepsychiatry from The Neuroscience Center

Note: If you have an immediate medical emergency please dial 911, telemedicine is a great resource but certain situations require different medical attention.  During these trying times in quarantine, receiving

Hyperbaric Treatment for COVID-19 Symptoms

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Ketamine Therapy for PTSD in Illinois

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Ketamine Can Treat


Ketamine therapy for depression is a revolutionary treatment utilizing modern mechanisms to help in treatment-resistant depression.


A mental disorder that has been difficult to diagnose and treat in the past. Now, ketamine therapy is showing positive results in curbing the negative effects of OCD.


Anxiety is a natural human response but when it becomes too much it can lead to an unhealthy mind state. Our staff will find the root cause and most beneficial treatment options for you.


Are you suffering from PTSD? Ketamine's rapid effectiveness and long duration of relief may be the treatment for you.

Benefits of
Ketamine Therapy

Patient Stories

Real stories from the lives we’ve touched with ketamine therapy.

Beth P.

Dr. Best has saved our daughter’s life, and helped our family manage her bipolar in a way that no other doctor has ever been able to do. We are very grateful.

Joy C.

Dr. Best is an amazing physician. His empathy for patients and their families is above and beyond. He has always been patient, calm and kind during appointments. He is exceptionally inquisitive and intelligent. So grateful.

Patrick M.

Dr. Best is well versed and well read. His superior knowledge does not detract from his kindness and consideration when treating my clinical depression/anxiety. This is possibly the only office that I have felt comfortable and at home when I visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ketamine therapy is a revolutionary treatment for neurological disorders. It’s rapid effectiveness and infrequent treatments are proving valuable to patients looking to treat problems such as depression, anxiety PTSD, OCD and many more. 

Treatment involves an initial consultation with our Doctors to evaluate which therapy may best suit you. Following, is the treatment itself, where our staff will guide you through the process and its effects, answering any questions you my have along the way. 

Results have been felt within hours for some symptoms and duration of relief has been seen anywhere from days to months depending upon how many treatments a patient has undergone. 

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